We have entered the Armed Special Operations field through our partner company, this will allow us to provide Funeral Security, Armed VIP & Vehicles escorts as well as providing our service to a crucial element of the commercial vehicle business. The field is open to explore with all types of services to assist in your safety and security.

Funeral Security

On rare occasions a Funeral may require a special security detail, for crowd and traffic control to ensure the event goes safe for all attending. We can provide several levels of security to make sure the safety of others is met and that your invited guest feels secure throughout the event by our partner company.

VIP & Vehicles

VIP and their transportation are key for traveling in Arizona and times you may not realize, that danger is just at the next corner. Taking a proactive approach can in some cases prevent future events from going poorly such as encountering a protest, or in the event of someone trying to disrupt your daily travels

Commercial Vehicle Security

Understanding the security risk in this time and age involving our roadways and the commercial vehicle industry. We receive calls to provide Armed Vehicle Escorts, this is NOT a oversize escort service. We place vehicles in various places while escorting the high-profile target through Arizona. This not only keeps your asset safe it also keeps the citizens that may be involved in an attempt on your asset safe.

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